"Creative Future Ideas."

 Network the world and Korea
Maximize synergy between industries.
Presenting a new perspective on the existing industry.

For the creation of a third industry through the harmony of industry
and culture,our constant creative future ideas continue.

Greeting from CEO

Looking back on the days when there were almost no private-led international conferences more than 20 years ago when I first joined the industry, I realize how fast the world has really changed over the past 20 years. 

The border remains in place.
Before we know it, we've been sitting on the global stage, watching our competitors somewhere in the world, learning from them, and competing fiercely

Without time to recognize the "present", the times must adorn the pages of history, face another future given to us, and expect no future without any preparation.
We cannot help but overlook that absence is a stark reality


 In this era of uncertainty coexisting, various paradigm changes will hold the hands of those preparing for the future, and our IEC Group wants to constantly prepare for the future with them.


IEC Group promises to grow further on the global stage, using the next generation of future growth engines as a 'creative future idea'.

Kim Eun-jung, CEO of IEC GROUP  



   Established BF Consulting (February 1998)

  • 'Mutual Funds Opportunities in Korea'
    Co-hosted by Maeil Economy TV.


  • ‘Korea Sports Business & Opportunities’ conference hosted


  • ‘Financial Restructuring in Korea: It’s dynamic Present and Future’ 
    Co-hosted by Korea Economic Television, a financial restructuring event


  • June 2005 IEC Group established ~ Presently Representative

    IEC Group Activity history


  • Private Equity Funds Korea': Co-hosted by Korea Economic Television
    (September 30, 2005: Chosun Hotel, Grand Ballroom)


  • Successful Global Elite Creation Strategy for our child - Hosted 
    (05. 11:30 Seoul Education and Culture Center)


  • ‘ Financial Big Bang in Korea: Co-hosted by Korea Economic Television
    (07' September 13, 63 Building International Conference Hall)


  • ' M&A, Alliance & Licensing: The New Engine of Growth for the Korean
    Pharmaceutical Industry'
    (Mergers and acquisitions, alliances, strategies: growth engines of the Korean pharmaceutical industry) - Hosted 
    (Walkerhill Hotel, November 29)


  • Corporate Crisis Management Strategy Conference hosted
    (Business Crisis Management Strategy Meeting – March 12, 2008 Walkerhill Hotel Art Hall)


  • Hedge Funds Korea
    (Co-hosted by Korea Economic TV – May 29, 2008 Ritz-Carlton Hotel Grand Ballroom)


  • Solar Power Korea 2008
    (Korea Economic Television, IEC Group, 26 September 2008, 63 Building Cosmos Room)


  • The 1st Green Revolution Leaders Forum
    (Green Revolution Leaders Forum, Korea Economic TV & IEC Group,
    2009, Grand Hyatt Hotel)


  • 2010 Global Pharma-Bio Forum
    (Korea Economy TV & IEC Group, Hilton Hotel)


  • Green Revolution Leaders Forum,
    ( Korea Economic TV & IEC Group, 2010, Hanwha 63 City)