‘Mutual Funds Opportunities in Korea’

February 4, 1999 Westin Chosun Hotel

Prior to the introduction of Korea's mutual funds, the event covered the government's policies and prospects for mutual funds markets in four Asian countries predicted by S&P (Standard Poor's) credit rating agencies. In particular, I visited Korea at IFC and became a sponsor of State Street Bank and Trust, Samsung Investment Management to help with the event.  The event was co-hosted by BF Consulting and Maeil Economic TV.


‘Korea Sports Business

& Opportunities’

November 2, 2000
International Conference Hall of the 63 Building

This event focuses on strengthening international competitiveness through partnerships with foreign portals, and collaboration between online and offline sports companies and sports marketing agencies.
Korea Sports Association Chairman Kim Un-yong's keynote speech and ESPOZ.COM CEO, KTB Network, and global sports media ESPN Star Sports have visited Korea to analyze the sports industry from various perspectives and present successful models.


‘Financial Restructuring in Korea: It’s dynamic Present and Future’

April 10, 2003 Westin Chosun Hotel

The new government's financial restructuring policy and support direction, IMF Korea's IMF perspective, and Boston Consulting and Hana Allianz Tushin participated to present views on restructuring strategies and restructuring within the asset management industry through M&A.


‘ Financial Big Bang in Korea’

September 13, 2007 63 Building Hanwha 63 City

This event was co-hosted by Korea Economic TV and IEC Group as the main sponsor of the Korea Securities Association, Asset Management Association, and GFI. Vice Chairman of the Financial Supervisory Service gave a keynote speech on advancing the financial industry and strengthening competitiveness, and speakers from BnP Paribas, Arthur Little Consulting, Macquarie Group, Good Morning Shinhan Securities, and Mirae Asset Securities.


Private Equity Funds Korea Conference

October 13, 2005 Westin Chosun Hotel

This event dealt with the government's policy direction and deregulation measures to revitalize private equity funds, and the direction of revising the Asset Management Act to revitalize private equity funds was also an issue.
Also, funding and investment strategies for new entry into the Korean private equity market were focused.
Various domestic and foreign speakers participated, including the Financial Supervisory Commission, the Financial Supervisory Service, the Ministry of Finance and Economy, the Korea Development Bank, Woori Bank, Hana Economic Research Institute, Olympus Capital's overseas visit to Korea, and Schroeder Korea.


successful global elite creation strategy for our child

November 30, 2005 Seoul Education and Culture Center

​This event was co-hosted by the IEC Group and Maeil Economic Internet Co., Ltd. What do we need to know and prepare to grow our children into a global elite?

Do you really need early study abroad and language training? What is the reasonable cost of education to internationalize? Director Gong Byung-ho, Representative Cho Jin-pyo of Wismento, Representative Won Hee-ryong, Representative Kim Chung-sik of the Chinese Cultural Center, Vice Principal Kim Il-hyung of Daewon Foreign Language High School, and CEO Hwang Eun-mi of EM Consulting participated in the presentation.


M&A, Alliance & Licensing conference for the Korean Pharmaceutical Industry

Sheraton Walkerhill Hotel, November 29, 2007

​This event is an international event for the Korean pharmaceutical industry under the Korea-U.S. FTA.
In order to strengthen competitiveness, we focused on strengthening global competitiveness and capabilities through securing core technologies and external growth of domestic pharmaceutical bio companies.
Alternatively, we have recognized the importance of large scale, strategic alliances, and licensing through restructuring and M&A, and increased understanding through practical case studies.

Speakers from the Korea Health Industry Promotion Agency, the Korea Pharmaceutical Association, Green Cross, AT Connie Conting, Mirae Asset Securities, Chungjeong Accounting Corporation, LG Life Sciences, Kim & Chang Law Office, Jansen Korea, Novartis Korea participated.


Corporate Crisis Management Strategy Conference

Sheraton Walkerhill Hotel, March 12, 2008

This event presented solutions to corporate crisis management and continuing internal problems. In particular, Chris Management International, a representative of the United States FBI, visited Korea to focus on managing the crisis management team. In addition, strategies for strategic steakholder management and management of labor-management relations were addressed in the event of a crisis and an issue caused by a change in the media environment.


Hedge Funds Korea Conference

May 29, 2008 The Ritz-Carlton Hotel

​This event was co-hosted by Korea Economic TV and IEC Group in 2009.
Ahead of the implementation of the Capital Market Integration Act, domestic and foreign financial institutions have focused on strategies to preempt the Korean hedge fund market by allowing the establishment of Korean hedge funds.
Global media Eureka Hedge was promoted overseas as a media sponsor, with more than 400 domestic and foreign financial experts participating.
Optimal Investment Services, BNP Paribas Asset Management Singapore, Permal Group Hong Kong, K-Atlas Singapore, Sparx International Hong Kong, and Cosmo Investment Management in the United States participated as a speaker


 Solar Power Korea 2008

September 26, 2008 Hanwha 63 City

The event was attended by speakers by companies and experts leading the global solar industry in line with the new government's green growth and the trend of advanced Korea.
National roadmaps have been presented, and various business, new technology and finance perspectives have been discussed in panel discussions.

President Lee Myungbak congratulatory address as a keynote address.
The chairman of the World Solar Energy Association was hosted by the Minister of Knowledge Economy, the Chairman of the APEC Energy Network, the Vice President of the U.S. Government Science and Technology, and representatives of Choice Power China, Solar World Korea, and Oriental Steel Chemicals.


Green Revolution Leaders Forum 2009

November 17, 2009 Grand Hyatt Hotel

​This event made an issue of the 'Green War' hosted by Korea Economic TV and hosted by IEC Group by global energy companies.
It was a place to discuss initiatives to preoccupy the global market.
Under the keynote speech of the Minister of Knowledge Economy, the U.S. partner of Greentech Capital Advisors, the Korean representative of DuPont Korea, the CEO of Vestar Tower, the world's No. 1 water company, and the Korean representative of Beolian Water participated as speakers.


Green Revolution Leaders Forum 2010

December 8, 2010 Hanwha 63 City

This event was held as the 2nd Green Revolution Leaders Forum following 2009.
Especially, the chairman of Steinbeis-Stiftung institution in Germany visited Korea and gave a keynote speech. This institution has played a big role in technology transfer of alternative energy small and medium-sized companies, and has shown a lot of interest in domestic companies. M&A in the global alternative energy market has been particularly highlighted.